Zelensky thunders: “Give us panzers.” But Germany doesn’t decide about leopards

Zelensky thunders: “Give us panzers.”  But Germany doesn’t decide about leopards

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urged Germany to supply Kiev with Leopard tanks. “Western and modern tanks are one of the most important elements for Ukraine’s victory,” Zelensky said in a video. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia continues unabated: today in Germany, at the Ramstein base, the new summit of the US-led contact group for Ukraine was held to coordinate more military aid. It is the eighth meeting of the group, which brings together around 50 countries, including NATO allies and other partners. “This is a defining moment for Ukraine and for the entire world,” said US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, opening the meeting in Ramstein. “We find ourselves in a very difficult and turbulent time, but we feel determination and unity here.” For Ukrainian leader Zelensky, who spoke at the opening, “there is no more time”. “Every gun counts,” he added. The Russian response immediately reached the Russian response: the Kremlin warns of the negative consequences of the decision to supply Ukraine with heavy tanks, with the risk of direct NATO involvement, says spokesman Peskov, according to which “Western tanks won’t change anything on the ground”.

The pressure is all on Germany because the Germans seem to be the only ones hesitant to supply Kiev with tanks and persist in denying other countries the green light for the export of Leopard 2. So much so that Poland has threatened that if Germany keeps getting in the way, he will provide the carts even without authorization. Berlin says it has left the door open to the possibility of allowing Allies to supply Ukraine with modern German-made tanks, saying the matter “will become clear in the next few hours”.

Source: IL Tempo