Six severed heads in a car in Mexico –

Six severed heads were found on the roof of a car in southwestern Mexico. The car came to a stop on a busy road in the town of Chilapa de Alvarez. Plastic bags containing body parts were found in the car.

The identity of the dead is unknown, but authorities suspect they were abused by drug gangs.

This suspicion is reinforced by the fact that a warning sign has been hung between two trees next to the car. “The sale of crystals (methamphetamine), kidnapping, extortion and theft is strictly prohibited in Chilapa. It happens to everyone who suffers from it. All these crimes are punishable by death.”

The city is located in Guerrero, one of the poorest states in Mexico. In 2014, this state witnessed the infamous kidnapping and alleged slaughter of 43 students training to be teachers in the city of Iguala.

In recent years, the number of mutilated corpses released to the public has steadily increased. In this way, gangs try to suppress competition. On Election Day last June, two heads and other body parts were dropped at polling stations in the northern border city of Tijuana.

Source: NOS