Berlin breakthrough: ‘German tanks towards Ukraine’

The turning point that Kiev has been waiting for has arrived. According to the newspaper Germany Der Spiegelwill send powerful Leopard 2 tanks to support the Ukrainian army. The news came a few hours after reports from overseas that Volodymyr Zelensky’s forces had been supplied with US M1 Abrams tanks. According to several observers, the purpose of the White House’s move was to persuade Berlin to provide its facilities, which, according to military analysts, could change the balance on the battlefield.

Biden’s forward escape

“The Biden administration – reporting that Washington Positiont – Tends to send significant numbers of Abrams M1 tanks to Ukraine. Germany, where Berlin will agree to send fewer of its own Leopard 2 tanks, while also confirming the delivery of more German-made tanks by Poland and other countries.”

NATO remains united

In addition to the indisputable material value of the tanks, which will soon be used against the Russian army, the joint action of Washington and Berlin will have the effect of preventing a political rift within NATO. Except for the rare distinctions, the Atlantic Alliance had not yet shown obvious cracks like German-made tanks. Eastern countries, Finland and other governments responded positively to Kiev’s call to mobilize German-made tanks on the Ukrainian battlefield. But to put Leopard ‘panzers’ into the service of the Ukrainian army required permission from Berlin.

Scholz’s choice

This is because Germany, as the producing state of heavy vehicles, renamed the “Golf” of the German military industry, has veto power over the second export of “its” tanks. Hence the strife over the past few days, which has seen the German government led by Social Democrat Olaf Scholz on one side and more determined rulers supporting Ukraine on the other.

Expected reactions from Russia

Yesterday, Poland received a promise from Berlin that the German chancellor would not use veto power on the supply of powerful tanks to Ukraine. Now, with the turn that the German press has been waiting for, Moscow’s reaction to what some see as the point of no return in the ongoing conflict is awaited.

Source: Today IT