Now secret documents have been found about former Vice President Pence.


Confidential documents were found at the home of former US Vice President Mike Pence in Indiana. The American media wrote that Pence himself reported the discovery.

There will be about ten pieces. Pence turned it over to the FBI.

The finding was made by a lawyer Pence hired to search several boxes of documents specifically for classified items. According to a letter that Pence’s lawyer sent to the National Archives, Pence did this because of the recent discovery of classified documents involving former President Trump and President Biden.

Nuclear Secrets

Pence was Donald Trump’s Vice President, where the FBI found nearly 300 classified files in the raids. The Justice Department is investigating this incident. These files may contain nuclear secrets.

Confidential documents have also been found in President Biden’s home and office in recent weeks. In this case, it is not known exactly how many pieces are included and what is included.

U.S. law requires records of the President or Vice-President to be handed over to the U.S. National Archives after their term of office has expired. Both Biden and Pence immediately reported that they had the parts and handed it over.

Former President Trump opposed its transfer to the archive. Eventually, a search warrant was required to break into Trump’s home.

Source: NOS


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