74-year-old Spaniard arrested for sending six bomb letters

74-year-old Spaniard arrested for sending six bomb letters

A 74-year-old man in Spain was arrested late last year in connection with six letters bomb sent to various parts of Spain, La Sexta TV channel reported. An employee of the Ukrainian embassy was slightly injured while opening a package.

The suspect, a retired civil servant, was arrested in Miranda de Ebro in the north of the country. No further details were disclosed. He is taken to Madrid for further questioning. Nothing is known about its cause. It is being investigated whether he has ties to Russia.

Bomb letters were sent from November 24 to December 2 to Prime Minister Sánchez, the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, the Ministry of Defense, an airbase and the US Embassy in Spain.


The explosive in one of the packages exploded in front of the Ukrainian embassy. The package was intended for the ambassador. An employee did not trust this and therefore decided to open the package outside the building where it exploded, without eyewitnesses. The ambassador said that at the time the employee injured his hands and suffered a concussion.

One of the sent packages did not explode at Torrejón Air Base. According to the authorities, this package provides most of the tips. DNA found on him that wasn’t in the police database.

Distinctive stamp and cover

All letters were sent from the same distribution center in Valladolid. They were printed in limited numbers and were handwritten.

It appears from the handwriting that the letters may have been written by an older person. Police also viewed footage of the post office where the letters were sent.

The envelopes were also noteworthy. The police tracked down the company that sold them online. Sales records show a buyer in Burgos near where the man was arrested. This location was also revealed when the camera images in the mail distribution center were examined.

Source: NOS