The owners of the Parc Tawe shopping park in Swansea city center want a Burger King restaurant to open on the site. Centurion has applied to Swansea City Council for planning permission to build a new sandwich shop across the road next to Costa Coffee in the car park.

Of course, significant work will be required, including excavating the ground for the new building’s foundation and removing some trees, but the new 2,800-square-foot development will offer another dining option for buyers and visitors to the area, in addition to hosting 10 electric vehicles . charging points

If approved, Burger King will be the first fast food outlet to open in the Parc Tawe retail park, although there are many other restaurants there, including Denny’s Diner, Indian Indian restaurant, Double Zero ice cream parlor and Treatz dessert cafe. Other businesses and locations in Parc Tawe include a bowling alley, Flashpoint indoor climbing centre, Ninja Warrior amusement park, Barnardo’s charity shop, B&M food and home goods store, and Plantasia Tropical Zoo, which recently announced it will launch “the largest adventure room in the world”. . next month. More about that here.

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A previous order for a Burger King drive-thru at the same location was submitted in December 2020. At the time, the burger chain proposed a new 68-seat drive-thru restaurant with patio and said the new restaurant would create 36 jobs in full-time and part-time. Unfortunately for the company, Swansea Council planning officials rejected the application in January 2022 because they believed the proposed development would have a negative visual impact on the “advantageous entry point” to the city. They also feared that the new development would create an unsafe environment for pedestrians and motorists. You can get the latest Swansea news straight to your inbox with our newsletter.

The latest order acknowledges the previous refusal, but notes that, since the last order, Parc Tawe has opened several new units in the retail park, as well as beneficial changes to access the site from the A4067.

“Since the presentation of the previous TD in May 2021 [transport assessment] and October 2021 TN [transport note]The retail offering at Parc Tawe South Retail Park has changed somewhat, for example with the development/addition of a new ALDI block, Ninja Warrior UK Adventure Park and a Rock Climbing Center block,” states the app.

“Further changes have also been made to the layout of the Parc Tawe South main car park, with a new entrance-only junction being developed from the A4067 east of the site, and the total parking space has also changed from approximately 742 spaces to at least the season. from previous reports, in seat 772 at the time.

“In addition, the minimum time allowed in the Parc Tawe South car park has also changed from two hours at the time of previous reports to three hours now.”

An application for planning permission for a new Burger King restaurant in Tawe Park is currently “under review”. This means that it has not yet been accepted or rejected by board officials.


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