A pair of murdered psychology students turn themselves in in Mahates, Bolívar


Before the uniformed officers of the police station of Mahates, Bolívar, he turned himself in. Luiggy Carretero Arrietathe 31-year-old man field of the cross, Atlántico, who was wanted for shooting his partner Dora Victoria Ortiz Ortega22, in events that took place in a house in the congregation Squid last Wednesday, January 4.

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That day, authorities reported that the young psychology student at the Simon Bolivar University, In Barranquilla, he was at his parents’ house and around 7:00 PM he stayed in the building with his partner (Carretero Arrieta) and their daughter, a one-year-old baby, after their parents declared that they were going home. the sides of the market.

The neighbors pointed out that they heard it at the time explosions into the house and later they saw the young woman leave the house to ask for help. After that action, it would have collapsed on the terrace.

“She could say: she hit me, she shot me and then she fell to the ground,” said a witness and neighbor of the Ortiz Ortega family.

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This person also explained that the person who helped the young woman lift her off the floor was her own partner and that he put her on a motorcycle to transport her to the hospital in the city.

However, from this care center she was sent to Sabanalarga in Atlántico, where she died before being admitted to a care center.

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After that, the whereabouts of Carretero Arrieta were unknown and he was not known until this Tuesday, January 24, when he turned himself in before the uniformed officers of the armed institution in the afternoon.

However, Bolívar police reported that an arrest warrant issued by the Municipal Court of Calamar for the crime of aggravated femicide and manufacturing, trafficking and possession of firearms and ammunition weighed on him.

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Colonel José Abdón Galindo Sánchez, commander of the Bolívar Police Department, stated that the events for which the young woman was killed were related to a case of domestic violence.

“There was a fight and she showed a wound in the abdomen. Since his death, the Bolívar police had all the investigative capabilities to generate an arrest warrant and this person appeared in Mahates,” the officer explained.

Carretero Arrieta was placed at the disposal of the Attorney General.

Source: El heraldo


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