Germany in shock: Knife attack, two train deaths


Panic in Germany. Two people died and five were injured in a knife attack on board a train between Kiel and Hamburg: Interior Minister Sabine Sütterlin Waack announced this. According to an initial reconstruction provided by the police, a man attacked the passengers shortly before 3 pm before the train arrived at Brokstedt station in the Schleswig-Holstein region. The agents who intervened in the arrival at the station in the small town, about 60 kilometers north of Hamburg, arrested the attacker. “Two people died and seven others were injured. Three of the injured are serious. The perpetrator of the attack was also injured, but slightly,” said the spokesperson for the Itzehoe police. The police confirmed that the assailant was arrested and that he is “a man aged between 25 and 40 years old”. According to Bild, a Syrian would end up handcuffed. As announced by Deutsche Bahn on Twitter, there are cancellations of long-distance trains between Hamburg and Kiel and Neumünster.

Source: IL Tempo


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