They dismantle ‘La Caleta de Robin’, dedicated to the sale of drugs


Units of the Metropolitan Police’s Sijin Criminal Investigation Section managed to arrest two members of the same family, dismantling them ‘Robin’s Cove’, place used sale of medicines in southwestern Barranquilla.

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According to the investigations of the authorities, a non-standard property of the La Paz district It has been used for the storage and sale of narcotics for several years and has been the subject of multiple raids in recent years. “Several people who form a family nucleus have been detained at that place,” the authority said.

However, and despite the fact that some people had already been arrested on this site, criminal activities related to the local drug trade. “For example, in coordination with the Public Prosecution Service, a search and search procedure was conducted in which the investigators in any case 150 doses of marijuanaworth at least one million 500 thousand pesos,” the armed institution continued.

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In the middle of the proceedings, a 39-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man, cousins, were arrested and made available to the persecution for him crime production, trafficking or possession of drugs.

According to the police, the detainee makes three notes for the same crime, one from 2014 and two from 2017, while the arrested man makes a note for carrying firearms from 2022.

“With these captures, ‘La Caleta de Robin’ was dismantled, which not only affects the criminal income of criminal groups, but could also reduce the commission of crimes related to drug trafficking in the sector,” Mebar concluded.

Source: El heraldo


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