Minister in trouble for a thousand euros


He is angry with his own fans. It happened to Paschal Donohoe, Irish Minister of Public Expenditure and head of the Eurogroup. The politician admitted to the Dublin Parliament that he “unknowingly” received donations in violation of national rules during the 2016 and 2020 election campaigns. However, the undeclared offer received would not consist of a sum of money, but of a binding service rendered to Donohoe by a friendly businessman.

This is Michael Stone, the former president of the Construction Industry Federation, who in the last two election campaigns has confirmed that he has paid some of his employees and the tools needed to hang posters of Donohoe. The businessman took responsibility for embarrassing the minister and resigned from two government-appointed posts at the Land Development Agency and an urban renewal fund.

Donohoe has had to apologize twice before Parliament and it is not excluded that the story could have other political ramifications and more. It’s a real joke for the minister, who, according to local media reports, won’t put a dime in his pocket.

After publicly apologizing, the Irish minister and head of the Eurogroup assured that his personal record for 2020 election expenses was updated to include salaries of 864 euros for labor and 392.20 euros for tools used to hang the latest election posters. 2020 election campaign. Last week, Donohoe had already apologized for not taking into account a donation of 1,057 euros, equivalent to the death penalty, which should have been included in the expense statement for the 2016 election.

Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said he believed Minister Donohoe’s statements. Second, he finally described his mistakes as the result of “inadequate attention” for his party Fine Gael in the months he ran in 39 constituencies on the island. The head of the Eurogroup insisted that he was unaware that Stone had paid his workers to hang posters.

Source: Today IT


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