War in Ukraine, US wants to send Hawk missiles from Israel

The Biden administration asked Israel for the old Hawk anti-aircraft missiles it has in storage to transfer them to Ukraine. This was revealed by the Axios website, citing Israeli and US officials who said Israel rejected the request. So far, Israel has rejected most requests from the US and Ukraine to supply Ukraine with advanced weapons and defenses out of fear that such a move could create tensions with Russia and harm Israel’s security interests in Syria.

Meanwhile, the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, received the Israeli President, Isaac Herzog, at the Berlaymont Palace. “We hope to maintain positive momentum in EU-Israel relations,” she told Isaac Herzog. We discussed the need to continue to support Ukraine and work to promote peace in the Middle East. And the importance of promoting Jewish life in the EU in view of Remembrance Day,” von der Leyen said in a tweet.

Source: IL Tempo