Iran imposes sanctions on disturbing voices in the EU. An Italian MP is also in sight.


Lega MEP Anna Bonfrisco is also on the list of people sanctioned by Iran in response to EU measures against the regime. Tehran announced its measures for 25 individuals and organizations from the European Union and 9 from the United Kingdom. The Islamic Republic’s revenge was expected yesterday in response to sanctions agreed in Brussels and London on Monday, four months after protests began in the country with the death of twenty-two-year-old Mahsa Amini following the arrest of a young teenager. woman for not wearing a veil.

Tehran’s sanctions were Bonfrisco’s immediate response, “only confirming our fear of all the different expressions, and it’s a sign of deep weakness.” The MEP later assured him that the restrictive measures against him would have no effect on his commitment to the country. The Iranians have done nothing to me, it is probably the mullah regime that is offended by its protesting people, their youth who want freedom and democracy, and those who support them around the world,” he added. League. Besides the Italian lawmaker, those sanctioned include Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo, French writer Bernard-Henry Levy, social democratic lawmakers Thijs Reuten and Dietmar Koster, popular Lukas Mandl and Bart Groothuis, and liberal Abir. Al-Sahlani.

The sanctions will prevent those targeted by Tehran from entering Iran. Those who are sanctioned also risk the seizure of all property and assets on Iranian territory and the freezing of bank accounts in the country. At the moment, the reasons that prompted the Iranian government to impose sanctions on Bonfrisco, a member of the European Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, are not clear. The parliamentarian certainly did his best to remove the Middle East country from the UN’s commission on the status of women, a request followed by the head of EU diplomacy, Josep Borrell.

The league’s representative reiterated that the expulsion was “a first success”. He then referred to a thought “to the women of the Iranian resistance who have made the madness and cruelty of the Iranian regime known to many Members of the European Parliament”.

Source: Today IT


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