He punches camel at resort: animal chews and kills him

The caretaker of a holiday village in Omsk, Russia, died after being run over by a camel. The tragedy that occurred in the Russian town in southwestern Siberia was caught on camera: It looks like it was the 51-year-old who took the animal’s anger off the reins and hit him on the head. mouthpiece with a fist. According to local media reports, it was stated that the animal did not show any signs of aggression before the blow and this attack would take place as a reaction to the punch.

The camel’s reaction was gruesome: it pounced on the zookeeper, bit its face and trampled it with its hooves. The man was immediately rescued and hospitalized, but died soon after from his serious wounds. Local authorities launched an investigation to clarify whether the animal was legally detained and what its conditions were at the resort.

Source: Today IT