“Direct involvement”. The Kremlin declaration makes the world tremble

“Direct involvement”.  The Kremlin declaration makes the world tremble

“In Moscow, everything they do” from the West “is perceived as direct involvement in the conflict.” These are the statements of Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov as reported by TASS. “European capitals and Washington constantly state that sending various types of weapons, including tanks, to Ukraine in no way means that these countries or NATO are involved in the ongoing hostilities in Ukraine. We are not sure of an agreement”, added Peskov.

Volodymyr Zelensky hits the Ukrainian president hard. “He has long ceased to be a possible interlocutor for President Putin.” According to Peskov, Zelensky cannot be trusted because “he did not solve the Donbass problem, he did not fulfill the Minsk agreements” and “he was preparing for war”.

Then the Kremlin spokesman reiterates that the deployment of tanks from Western countries to Ukraine will not change the status of Russia’s special military operation against Kiev. “We don’t have this topic on our agenda,” Peskov said.

Source: IL Tempo