Probably the oldest mummy ever found in Egypt

Probably the oldest mummy ever found in Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered a mummy estimated to be around 4,300 years old near the Egyptian capital, Cairo. According to Zahi Hawass, leader of the archaeological team, it is the oldest and most complete mummy ever found in Egypt.

The mummified body belonged to a man named Hekashepes and was found in a 50-foot well. The mummy lay in a brick-lined limestone sarcophagus and was therefore always well preserved.

more graves

Numerous burials were found in the tomb. These include the tombs of the fifth and sixth dynasty pharaohs and high priests. The tomb was found near the ancient city of Memphis.

Tourism in Egypt collapsed during the Corona epidemic, but the hope is that these archaeological finds will rekindle it. By 2028, the country wants to open a large museum in the Pyramids of Giza, which is expected to attract 30 million visitors annually.

Source: NOS