Trans man convicted of sexually assaulting two women will go to prison

A trans woman convicted of sexual assault committed before the transition period begins will serve her sentence in a men’s prison. Isla Bryson pleaded guilty to raping two women in 2016 and 2019. The defendant first appeared in court under his own name and allegedly made the transition six days before the hearing.

Scottish remier Nicola Sturgeon told Edinburgh Parliament Holyrood, “Given the legitimate concern of the public and MPs regarding this case, I can confirm to Parliament that the prisoner will not be sent to Cornton Vale women’s prison.” “I hope this gives the citizens confidence,” he added.

But Sturgeon also stressed that it’s important not to “inadvertently suggest that trans women pose a natural threat to other women.” “Predatory men, as always, are women’s risk. However, as with every group in society, few transgender crimes are committed, and when it comes to sexual crimes, it’s understandable that the public is concerned.” .

As the Guardian recalls, lawmakers from all sides had expressed concern for the safety of other prisoners. Russell Findlay, a conservative member of the Scottish Parliament, said: “This rapist, after going to rape court, decided that he was no longer a man.” “We are currently faced with an absolutely perverse situation where a Scottish court said he identified himself as a woman but referred to someone who raped two defenseless women,” he added.

The Scottish Prison Service had ensured that the decision of where to imprison a transgender person was always taken on an “individual basis” and assessed “risk and necessity”. “A trans woman convicted of a crime has no right to serve her sentence in a women’s prison,” Sturgeon said.

The case came as London blocked a law passed in Scotland to facilitate gender reassignment, allowing practice without surgery or medical advice and from the age of 16. Rishi Sunak’s government argued that such a law would cause “significant complications by creating a dual gender recognition regime in the UK”, but Sturgeon’s pro-independence government accused him of using the sensitive issue for political ends against the pro-independence majority, while LGBT+ activists condemned the blockade of London.

Source: Today IT