Disabled girl died in her bed 4 years no one noticed

The mummified body of a woman with schizophrenia has been found in an apartment in Surrey, England. According to the researchers, the 38-year-old died about four years before the discovery, without anyone noticing. The woman is believed to have died in November 2017, and the gruesome discovery was made in May 2021, but the news has only now surfaced in the British press.

The woman, named Laura Winham, had written “I need help” in her address book shortly before her death, but her request was unfortunately not heard by anyone. Her family now wants to know how social services and medical teams didn’t notice the warning signs and did nothing to prevent this tragic situation, she says.

Winham was born with Goldenhar syndrome, which causes a curvature of the spine. He had major heart surgery at the age of 18 and has suffered from mental health issues since his youth, resulting in his being detained twice. He received mental health treatment in 2014 after housing association staff said he was “not well, quite thin, and had no friends and believed people were watching him.”

According to the Daily Mail’s report, the family stayed away from him for years because he believed they would hurt him because he had schizophrenia. “We always hoped that he would recover with the help of a professional and that one day we would be in touch again,” her older sister said. “We didn’t believe for a second that after keeping him on the ground for so long without anyone noticing, we’d finally find him dead on the ground,” she continued.

Despite these warning signs, social services and medical teams did nothing to help him. Indeed, in 2017, Surrey Police officers told social services that the woman had suspended herself and her food was running low, but social workers wrote to the woman’s flat, providing details of local food banks and contact information for support teams. After months of silence and no news about her, her worried brother and mother finally asked the police to break into her apartment in Woking, Surrey, where the gruesome discovery was made.

During the three and a half years that her body remained in the apartment, no attempt was made to restore her health, despite the cessation of disability benefits and her repeated failure to answer gas cuts, letters, phone calls. and messages or to open the door. The family of the victim, who lost a sister and a daughter, is now waiting for justice to be done and the causes of this tragic event to be investigated.

Source: Today IT