Suspect arrested in Suriname courthouse attack

Surinamese police arrested four suspects in connection with the attack on a courthouse in Paramaribo. This was reported by various Surinamese media.

Two weeks ago the district court was fired upon and grenades were thrown. The explosives did not explode and no one was injured. It was stated that the attack was carried out by two people who came by motorcycle.

Investigations must uncover the role of the four people who have now been arrested. The cause of the attack is unknown.

Vice President Brunswijk has previously spoken of an attack on the rule of law. The government spoke of “an act of intimidation aimed at destabilizing the country”.

The Defense Minister announced additional security measures after the attack. Along with the increased visibility of police and military and surveillance vehicles, there will be greater gun control. “Strategic objects” should also be better protected.

In the footage of the attack, it is seen that the perpetrators threw things at the courthouse:

Source: NOS