Second attack in 24 hours What’s going on in Jerusalem?

More bloodshed in Jerusalem, a new attack took place yesterday after a 21-year-old Palestinian shot into a crowd outside a synagogue, killing seven and injuring two. The attacker opened fire on Ma’alot Street near the entrance to the site. According to local media reports, the injured are father and son. The attacker would instead be a 13-year-old East Jerusalem resident. According to the news of Military Radio, the young man was seriously injured after the attack. Police are trying to determine if he acted alone. Second attack on Jerusalem

Hassem Kassem, spokesman for Hamas’ Palestinian Islamic movement, commented that it was a “heroic act” that represented “confirmation” that “resistance will continue in all occupied territories”. “The heroic action in Silwan is a confirmation of the continuation of resistance in all occupied lands and a response to the crimes committed by the occupiers against our people in the holy places,” said Kassem.

Bride and groom killed while helping injured at synagogue

Meanwhile, at least 42 people were arrested after the raid on the synagogue (the attacker was later killed by the police, ed). A state of alert has been raised across the country as more forces are deployed in the West Bank.

Among the seven Israelis killed was a married couple: Eli (48) and Natalie (45) Mizrahi. Eli’s father, Shimon Mizrahi, said on television that the two were at home when they heard the first gunshots. “They ran into the street to help the injured and did not notice the terrorist standing next to a parked car. They shot them at close range and killed them on the spot”.
The victims of the attack are Orthodox Jews. According to Jewish orthodoxy, their burial should take place today at the end of the night Sabbath rest.

Source: Today IT