Insomnia ‘foundation’ behind Benedict XVI’s resignation

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Pope XVI. Benedict’s insomnia was the main reason for his resignation in 2013, as he stated in a letter to his biographer weeks before his death and in a German weekly newspaper yesterday.

Pope Emeritus, who died on December 31 at the age of 95, sent a letter on October 28 to the German Peter Seewald, who wrote his biography.

In the letter from the weekly magazine Focus, Joseph Ratzinger explains that the main reason for his resignation as head of the Catholic Church in February 2013 was the insomnia that had accompanied him continuously since the World Youth Days held in Cologne in August 2005. After he became the successor of John Paul II. Later, the family doctor prescribed powerful drugs that initially enabled her to keep up with her workload. But sleeping pills have finally reached their limit, said the honorary pope.

Taking sleeping pills during a trip to Mexico and Cuba in March 2012 would lead to an incident. The morning after the first night, Benedict XVI. According to Focus’s letter, he discovered that his handkerchief was completely covered in blood. “I must have bumped into something in the bathroom and fallen,” the pope writes.

The doctor made sure the wounds were not visible, and after the incident a new personal physician insisted on reducing the German pope’s sleeping pills. He also recommended only seeing it in the morning if you are traveling abroad.

In the letter, Ratzinger says he is aware that these medical restrictions “are only sustainable for a short period of time.”

This review prompted him to announce his resignation in February 2013, months before World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, which he felt he could not handle. As such, he resigned early enough to allow his successor, Pope Francis, to go to Brazil.

Retired Pope Benedict 16, who shocked the world with his abdication, died in the cloister in the Vatican Gardens, where he retired. His papacy was marked by numerous crises, such as the 2012 Vatileaks scandal that exposed a vast web of corruption in the Vatican, or cases of sexual abuse of minors by clergy in various countries around the world.

Questions Often the focus of criticism from this wing, Pope Francis claimed the Vatican had shown a way: “We are all under the jurisdiction of the Word of God, including the priests of the Church.”

Francis warned: “Not under our own tastes, inclinations and preferences, but under the one Word of God that shapes us, transforms us and calls us to unite in the one Church of Christ.”

In this solemn celebration of the Eucharist, the Pope also bestowed the positions of teachers and catechists on men and women from different countries of the world; the latter handed it over to the Mexican Olga Carcur, among others.

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