The US general’s prophecy: “In 2025 war against China”. The reason

After the one between Russia and Ukraine, the world could be bumped into another conflict. In fact, US Air Force General Mike Minihan sent his officers a note saying that he fears that within two years the US will be at war with China over Taiwan. According to reports from NBC News, which obtained a copy of the letter, one can read, among other things, the phrase “I hope I’m wrong, but my gut tells me I’m going to fight in 2025.”

The Air Mobility Command led by the general has around 50,000 personnel and 500 aircraft and is responsible for transport and refueling. In 2024, Minihan recalled, there will be presidential elections in both the United States and Taiwan, and China will take the opportunity to move to the disputed island. In the note, the general also asks for updates on everything that the Air Force’s operational commanders are doing to prepare to fight China until the end of February. The US Department of Defense distanced itself from the views of the general released by the press and reiterated in a statement that “our goal remains to work alongside allies and partners to preserve a peaceful, free and open Indo-Pacific”. An attempt to ease the tension, but many analysts in recent months have already prophesied what Minihan then wrote.

Source: IL Tempo