Clare Drakeford, wife of the Prime Minister of Wales, has died. A Welsh government spokesman confirmed the news on Saturday.

The statement read: “It is with deep sadness that we confirm the sudden death of Claire Drakeford, wife of the Prime Minister. The thoughts of everyone in the Welsh Government are with the family at this time and we ask that their privacy is respected. »

Mark and Claire Drakeford were married in 1977 and have three children. The couple lived in Cardiff at the time of Mrs. Drakeford.

The Prime Minister rarely speaks about his family life, but in February 2021 he revealed that he had been isolated from his wife for most of 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic to keep her and her elderly mother safe while tending to her health. . conditions

Drakeford said he lived in a separate building in the garden of his family home, while Drakeford lived in the main house. Speaking on an ITV Wales podcast, the Prime Minister said: “It’s a little emotional. I’ve been married a long time and I’m not home and I’m not physically distant, even though we see each other. I spoke all day and every day, it’s been an amazing experience that way and to finish it’s emotional for everyone.”

Drakeford has been the Prime Minister of Wales since 2018, succeeding Carwyn Jones. BBC Wales previously reported that before throwing his hat into the ring he was initially hesitant – the family man thought about how it might affect his wife and three children.

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