Jerusalem, attack on the synagogue. Netanyahu threatens terrorists

Jerusalem, attack on the synagogue.  Netanyahu threatens terrorists

After the attack on the East Jerusalem synagogue and the attack on the 13-year-old boy who opened fire on Maalot Street, Israel’s leaders are launching a counterattack against the terrorists and promise a quick, strong and accurate response. Meanwhile, Israeli police arrested 42 people in the suicide bomber’s neighborhood in At-Tur, East Jerusalem, including family members, neighbors and acquaintances of the man for questioning.

“Our response will be strong, fast and accurate. Whoever tries to harm us, we will harm and whoever helps – said Benyamin Netanyahu speaking at the opening of the Defense Council meeting – We have already carried out numerous arrests of sympathizers, advisers and instigators of terrorism. This government will act firmly, decisively and forcefully against terrorism. And we will do it calmly and decisively. We are not looking for an escalation, but we are prepared for any scenario,” the Israeli Prime Minister said later. “On behalf of all citizens of Israel, I would like to send my deepest condolences to the families of those killed in the heinous and terrible attack in our capital, Jerusalem. It is a criminal attack on the entrance to a synagogue, during the International Holocaust Day”, added Netanyahu, who later thanked “the President of the United States, my friend Joe Biden, who spoke to me and expressed his shock and condolences for this terrible act of murder.”

Source: IL Tempo