“Putin’s New Offensive”. Russia ready for final attack on Ukraine

A war that has been partially eased by the winter, but this situation will not continue much longer. Vladimir Putin is preparing a new offensive in Donbass to regain control of the situation on the ground: according to assessments by the American Institute for the Study of War, this should take place in the next six months, probably in the Lugansk region. This analysis, informs the ISW, is consistent with the rumors published by the Bloomberg agency, which cites Kremlin sources according to which the new offensive in Ukraine could begin shortly, in February or March. The aim would be to reverse the military setbacks that Russia has had to face so far and win the war in the long run. The American analysis was also reported by the Ukrainian press, concerned about possible consequences – for the worse – of a conflict that in less than a month will be more than a year after its outbreak.

Source: IL Tempo