Explosions in Iran hit a military center with a drone

Several explosions, three or four, occurred in Isfahan, Iran, at around 11:30pm on Saturday evening (4.00 on Sunday in Italy). According to local authorities, it was related to an unsuccessful drone attack (with a single explosion) on a Ministry of Defense munitions production facility. Iran International, citing a memo from the Ministry of Defense, reported on Twitter that there were no casualties in the attack, only “light damage to the roof” of the military zone. One of the UAVs would be destroyed by the site’s anti-aircraft defense system, while the other two would explode.

itan international

Even Mohammad Reza Jan-Nesari, deputy governor of Isfahan province, confirmed “no victims” and added that “an investigation has been launched into the incident”.

Some videos of the explosions are circulating on Twitter. The flames are very high and you can see the emergency units sent to the scene.

The announcement of the attack came in an Iran rocked by protests over Mahsa Amini’s death in September and tensions over its nuclear program.

Source: Today IT