A single dad claims he and his kids are trapped in a home that has had damp, mold and possibly sewage under their house for years. Just a few of the problems Paul Goddard says he’s struggled with at his Peel Street home over the past five years include a space without a concrete subfloor, lack of proper insulation and mold.

Pavlo also suspects that there is an open hatch cover somewhere under the floor of the property. “I don’t know what’s in there,” he said. I can hear someone in the bathroom next door through the floor and all I can think is that the hatch isn’t closed.

“In the summer, it’s usually a swamp here. When you come home from work, it stinks.” The renovation work on the property was done by a private developer before Pavlo moved there in August 2017. He lives there with three children. The conversion of the building into a residential apartment was reviewed and approved by the board in 2016.

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Paul, a single dad and plasterer by trade, said, “It was great when we bought it. It was a completely new building. It had a new kitchen, new flooring, everything nice and painted. Suddenly everything began to collapse, everywhere more and more damp spots, and the walls turned green.

“My paint is coming off the walls, the plaster is cracking. I have never seen such fine plaster.” The cost of repairing the property would be too high for Paul. He said a builder had quoted £30,000. He also said that it would be very difficult to sell the house in its current state, leaving him without funds.

Paul added: “I took the fridge out when I had to replace it and I could see under the floorboards, it was just dirty. Nothing. Some floorboards and dirt. I’m here with three kids. My daughter is constantly on fire because the room is disgusting. It’s wet everywhere.”

Paul said there is a lack of proper insulation under the floor, which can get your feet wet in seconds.

Paul Goddard says he and his three children have been trapped in a poorly maintained home for years. He’s furious because it was signed off by the council’s building control group. Among the problems he lives with are damp walls, poor insulation and rotten floorboards. He also suspects that a hatch leading to the drains, which existed in the house’s previous incarnation as a pub, remains open and in place under the floor.

Paul also said the house lacked floor insulation, which could get your feet wet in a matter of minutes. He added: “I thought building control was there to protect me from things like this. When I bought the place I was told it was all redone and I would get a certificate from the NHBC when it was ready.

“It just collapses in the humidity. It’s just not good for my mental health.” Rhys ab Owen, a member of the South Wales Central Council, wrote to the Joint Regulatory Service (SRS) about the problems faced by Paul. The SRS, formed by an association that includes the Vale of Glamorgan Council , deals with various topics, including trading rules.

Owen asked board members to tour the property and inspect the flaws firsthand. A spokesperson for Vale of Glamorgan Council said: “The council is aware of this case and is in contact with Mr Goddard through his Senedd member. We have offered to send a building control officer to determine if there are any issues. of building control and await a response to this proposal.”

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