The court heard that the driver had accelerated when asked to take a roadside breathalyzer test and had led police on a high-speed chase along the M4 and Swansea Valley.

Callum Davies was recorded at speeds of up to 120mph while evading a breathalyzer and police finally decided to call off the chase when temperatures dropped below freezing late at night and it became too risky to continue. The judge told Davies that his driving was “a fatal accident waiting to happen”.

Swansea Crown Court has heard that the defendant, who works on the Hinkley Point nuclear power plant construction site, has a “major cocaine problem” but insists he did not use any substance that night.

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Prosecutor Megan Jones told the court the police officer was driving west on the M4 near Port Talbot at around 70mph in the early morning of 18 December last year when he was hit by a BMW X6 “at great speed “. Police officers followed the vehicle and saw it swerve from one lane to another. The court heard that the officer stopped the BMW and the driver, Davies, said he was driving home from Somerset. The prosecutor said the officer reeked of alcohol and asked the defendant to exit the car and undergo a background check, after which Davis fled and a chase ensued.

The court heard that Davies accelerated on the motorway to over 160 km/h to the Inisforgan roundabout and then up the Swansea Valley, reaching 120 km/h in a 60 km/h zone. Miss Jones said that when the temperature dropped below freezing the police decided to call off the chase near Pontardawe for safety reasons.

Later, Davis voluntarily arrived at the police station and during the interview admitted that he was driving the BMW. He said his father died about six months ago and he is receiving counseling for anxiety.

Callum Davies, 31, of Clingwyn Road, Eastalifera, Swansea Valley, previously pleaded guilty to failing a road test and reckless driving when he appeared in the dock for sentencing. He has three previous convictions for three crimes, including driving under the influence and possession of cocaine.

Andrew Evans of Davies said the defendant “bitterly regrets” his decision to walk away from the officer and drive the way he did, but said his client was “uncompromising” in not taking substances that night. He said Davies had a problem with cocaine, had self-funded his stay at a drug treatment center in Liverpool and was in contact with the charity Cocaine Anonymous. The lawyer noted that the court documents detailed his client as a hardworking individual with a high degree of responsibility during the construction of Hinkley Point and said that his employer had indicated that he would be flexible in complying with community demands if the defendant retained his Liberty.

Judge Paul Hobson told Davies that he was completely satisfied, despite claims to the contrary, that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs or both when he drove on the M4 just before Christmas last year, which is why he fled with a policeman who wanted to check. The judge said Davies’ driving endangered other road users and was “a fatal accident waiting to happen”. He said he had read references indicating that Davies was very concerned about job safety, but said it was clear the defendant had a “major cocaine problem” and that his life “went off the rails for a while”.

Judge Hobson said that, given everything he has read and heard about the accused, he believes there is a realistic prospect of rehabilitation and is prepared to suspend his prison sentence, although he admits that it was a decision he accepted “with some hesitation ”. With a one-third discount for his guilty plea, Davis was sentenced to 10 months in prison, suspended for two years, and ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work, rehabilitation, and mandatory treatment for drug addiction. He was also banned from driving for three years and must pass an extended test before he can get his license back and ordered to pay £420 in court costs.

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