British PM fires party leader after tax probe

British PM fires party leader after tax probe

British Prime Minister Sunak fired Conservative Party leader Zahawi. After an independent investigation, Sunak concludes that Zahawi is guilty of gross violations of ministry law. When Zahavi was the Minister of Finance and the de facto head of the tax offices, he had been criticized for a long time because of a tax case.

Originally Iraqi and Kurdish, Zahawi is one of the founders of YouGov, one of the UK’s leading survey companies. His net worth is estimated to be around £100 million. During his tenure as finance minister from July to September last year, he admitted to having been fined with the Revenue Service for an unpaid tax bill.

“Unwanted Error”

Zahawi said a “reckless but unintentional” mistake was made in YouGov’s corporate structure that caused tax payments to go wrong. According to the BBC, he was paid around £5m, including a fine. Zahawi has tried to silence journalists about this in the past, for example, by threatening to sue.

According to the British government’s independent ethics adviser, he must now leave the field. He accuses Zahawi of failing to inform then-Prime Minister Truss and his successor Sunak about the tax authorities’ investigations against him and the fine he must pay.

Zahawi has been the leader of the Conservative Party since October last year. He was in charge of the national immunization program in times of Corona. After that, he became the Minister of Education and briefly the Minister of Finance.

Source: NOS