Another protester dies during anti-government protests in Lima, Peru

The Ombudsman of Peru confirmed the death of one of the demonstrators during the protests on Avenida Abacanay, in the center of Lima.

Demonstrations mainly took place on Nicolás de Piérola and Abancay Avenue and Carabaya Street in the center of Lima and there were several clashes between police and demonstrators, in which one civilian was killed.

The protester’s death was also confirmed by Grau’s Emergency Hospital.

A contingent gathered tonight on Avenida Abcanay, close to the university district, a street they intended to take to get to the seat of the Congress, but their passage was blocked by police, leading to several clashes, Peru’s Andina police reported. desk.

a Authorities used tear gas to disperse the demonstrators, while some defended themselves by throwing stones and fireworks.

According to Peru’s ombudsman, they are currently monitoring Guillermo Almenara Hospital, which houses another seriously injured person, as well as other hospitals in the city of Lima, where several injured police officers have been admitted.

According to the Peruvian newspaper La República, there were also several attacks on journalists during protests in the center of Lima.

attacks on journalists

“We strongly condemn attacks on journalists covering the protests. We urge the Peruvian Police Inspectorate to conduct a thorough investigation and establish responsibilities and sanctions,” the ombudsman said.

A group of people were also arrested and taken to Cotabambas Police Station for alleged involvement in the riots and attacks against the police.

These protests are taking place as part of the social discontent over Dina Boluarte’s presidency, which is why they demand his immediate resignation, the dissolution of Congress and the urgent calling of presidential elections.

At least 63 people have been killed in anti-government protests since.

Yesterday, Congress voted to approve or disapprove the electoral advance, but the constitutional amendment was blocked by 45 votes to 65 and 2 abstentions.

Source: La Neta Neta