Search for small radioactive capsule lost in Australia

Search for small radioactive capsule lost in Australia

Western Australia Ambulance Services, the country’s largest oceanic state, is conducting an intensive search for a toxic capsule lost in transit to the regional capital of Perth, leading to the issuance of a “Radioactive Material Danger” warning. ”.

The small capsule, 6 millimeters in diameter and 8 millimeters high, contains a “small amount” of the radioactive substance caesium-137, used in mining and “disappeared in transit between a mine” north of the city of Newman and northeast from Perth. between January 10 and 16, the Western Australian Department of Health said in a statement released Friday.

As a result, the Department of Fire and Emergency Services has issued an advisory to residents of several parts of Australia’s largest state, warning of the risks of exposure to this toxic substance, including “radiation burns or radiation sickness”, such as cancer.

“The capsule is small (6 mm in diameter and 8 mm high), round and silver. The risk to the general public is relatively low, but it’s important to be aware of the risks and what to do if you see the capsule.

The Agency warned that when people see suspicious material, keep a minimum distance of five meters, do not touch it, put it in bags or backpacks and do not take it to the cars, but report it “immediately” to the authorities.

Teams are working to find the radioactive pod You’re not sure at this point where the artifact was lost, as the town of Newman is about 900 miles northeast of Perth, the final destination of the truck that carried them.

The toxic material was packed on January 10, and the vehicle arrived in Perth six days later, but it wasn’t until the 25th that cargo inspectors discovered that one of the packages had broken and one of those small capsules had been lost en route. the entity is ready.

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Source: La Neta Neta