Coronation King Charles, there is the plan for Harry. And William is furious

What will Harry of England and Meghan Markle do on May 6? The problem is not trivial for the English monarchy: it is the day of the coronation of King Charles III after 70 years of waiting. The solemn rite, modernized for the occasion (Charles will not wear silk stockings and breeches as required by protocol), will be officiated by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, at Westminster Abbey.

However, the most challenging task for the high prelate will be another: to arrange for the Dukes of Sussex to be present at the ceremony after Harry’s scathing and defamatory accusations against the royal family (especially his brother William of England) written in black. blank in the book “Spare”, whose boomerang effect is attested by the polls that sent the consensus for the couple to sink.

At Buckingham Palace, no one trusts the “spare wheel” and the wife “sunk” in the Pacific Ocean anymore, not because they disagree with her husband’s autobiography but for pure strategy: she should not have reinforced the idea of ​​being her husband’s puppeteer and wanted to prepare for his biography of his few years at the Queen’s Court.

Royal pundits fear the Sussexes could take advantage of the two historic days (May 6-8) to steal the show from Charles III, perhaps with a charity runway somewhere in London. William, on the other hand, dreads seeing the last scowl or private look broadcast in the mass media. Not to mention that if he is cold and detached he will feed his brother’s victimization, if he is sociable it will seem like an admission of guilt and a form of apology. The knot is not easy to untie.

For sure, Carlo wants both children by his side. He considers himself – and has always been considered – a “peacemaker”, so the wishes are not surprising even if the reason is not clear: is it a real olive branch or an attempt to avoid publishing the other 400 pages full of memoirs, episodes, wow did Harry cut “because otherwise my dad and brother would never have forgiven me”? And then the invitation will close the mouths of the loquacious pickaxes? At this time, from sources close to Lambeth Palace, headquarters of the Anglican Church, it appears that the King would have entrusted the archbishop, who married the Sussexes in 2018, with the almost impossible mission of finding a meeting point between William and Harry. .

However, the “Company” and its boss must deal with the feeling of the subjects who are increasingly divided by the presence of the Dukes of Sussex at the world event. According to a survey commissioned from Ipsos by the Evening Standard, at the moment 60% say yes to H&M with almost 74% of the very young in favour, a lower percentage for the over 55s.

Meanwhile, the British tabloids warned the Palace: the coronation is an institutional moment and should not turn into a family reckoning.

Source: IL Tempo