“The war is not the fault of all the Russians”: public television fired Rome correspondent

Polish state television TVP fired the Rome correspondent for saying that not all Russians should be held responsible for the invasion of Ukraine. Journalist Magdalena Wolinska-Redi was also fired after she shared with some Twitter users that Poles “absorbed hate with their mother’s milk”.

closely, they I report Polish media, heads of state television said they were “angry” at the journalist’s “seeing the Poles as anti-Russian and anti-German”. “There is no place on television for words that attack Poland’s national interests. The TVP does not define itself by statements that are part of Russian propaganda.

The Rome reporter’s troubles began last Friday – Holocaust Remembrance Day – when a woman tweeted a photo of her daughter at Auschwitz, the former Nazi concentration camp in what is now Poland. “The knowledge of the depths of hell that the Nazis prepared for the world needs to be passed on to the younger generation,” the reporter wrote.

The tweet angered many Polish users who criticized the journalist for mentioning “Nazis” without stating that they were “German”. This theme reoccurs cyclically in Poland, where many prefer to state the nationality of the Nazis to clarify which country was responsible for the Holocaust and to avoid holding Poles accountable for crimes committed in their occupied territory during World War II.

Responding to his followers, Wolinska-Redi objected that not all Germans were responsible for the Holocaust. The journalist, who angered the critics of his first tweet, said, “Is today’s Russians responsible for the war in Ukraine, or Putin and his men?” “So let’s brand the entire Russian nation with Putin’s madness. That’s how we Poles, who probably only breastfed hate can interpret things.”

A few hours later, the reporter apologized for his words. However, he lost his job, which he had held since 2015, a day later.

Source: Today IT