Pumarejo asked Petro for support to strengthen the fight against insecurity

Pumarejo asked Petro for support to strengthen the fight against insecurity

Speaking at the Security Council held this Monday in Barranquilla after Sunday night’s killings in the El Santuario neighborhood, Mayor Jaime Pumarejo noted that the Mayor’s Office immediately contacted the Presidency of the Republic to ask for special support for President Gustavo Petro to bring this city in this head-on fight against criminals.

He also indicated that there is already a response from some entities to counter the insecurity. “We have a response from the attorney general of the nation, the defense minister. We also call on the Supreme Judicial Council to continue to join us with more judges to better contain crime,” said Pumarejo.

According to the president of the Barranquilleros, at the end of the meeting it was found that the prosecution has appointed a special group to work on this fact, which arrived in the city on Monday. A prosecutor charged with investigating criminal structures and other events related to drug trafficking was in charge.

Likewise, from this Monday, the police began to receive a reinforcement of 1,700 men who will arrive before the carnival season due to the increase in thefts, extortions due to the celebration.
“These officers will be divided into different tasks to prevent crime and to clarify facts like this,” the president said.

In parallel, the mayor indicated that there will be a 20-man special command to clarify this fact and others specifically at work.

In addition, the military will reinforce the Caribbean Gaula with a group from that same provisioning entity in Bogotá to work on issues focused on racketeering and other similar issues.

For his part, Colonel Jorge Urquijo, Commander of the Metropolitan Police, expressed his solidarity with the families in mourning and also stressed the institution’s commitment to the local authorities to ensure the arrest of those responsible for these events in a record time.

In this case, Urquijo said the first hypothesis is due to the fact that at least one of the fatalities would be involved in the commercial activity of the diurnal cobra. Therefore, such suspicion is investigated through collected interviews and also at the behest of the assassin.

The National Police had 10 technical detectives with specialties other than criminalistics. As well as the support of a 20-strong Special Operations Command (Copes) group.

Finally, a tour is made with the help of security cameras to determine the escape route of those responsible. “We are already receiving information, working with the industry’s cameras that captured moments before and after the unfortunate events. We hope that in a very short time we will be able to capture the material authors of the events,” he argued. .

“We are conducting tours of the sector to determine the route of his escape. Even with the precise information coming to us, we would know who is responsible,” he concluded.

Source: El heraldo