Peru’s Congress agreed to reconsider the early election vote

Peru’s Congress agreed to reconsider the early election vote

For her part, Ruth Luque, from the left bank of Juntos por el Perualso said that Boluarte must resign or Congress will debate his resignation, while Adriana Tudela, of the right-wing Avanza País party, pointed out that her caucus “never took a position” but stressed “that the elections within a reasonable time, in peace and with minimal reforms”.

In turn, Jorge Montoya, from the ultra-conservative party Renewal Popular, rejected any possibility of advancing the election before 2026, when the current period should end, and Patricia Juárez, a Fujimori activist, insisted that “this is a difficult time” and that the goal should be “to long-awaited pacification”. of the country” and accept the election advance.

After the review was accepted, the President of the Constitution Commission, the Fujimorista Hernando Guerra García, requested a fourth intermediate to meet the representatives of the various banks and “propose a way out of the country”.

The plenary session of Congress rejected Friday deposit the general elections in the country for next October, after more than 8 hours of debate on a project proposed by Guerra García.

Similarly, another electoral advance project was also disregarded, which was initially approved last the 20th of December for the elections in April 2024.

Source: El heraldo