Plane stuck on runway in Belgium, three sloths die of cold

Three sloths died of cold at Belgium’s Liège airport. The animals were stranded on a Qatar Airways flight from Peru to Indonesia at the Belgian airport where it stopped due to adverse weather conditions.

While the news has yet to be made public, the truth came true on January 21. That night, frost prevented the unloaders from unloading the animals. So they stayed on the plane, and 24 hours later, when it was possible to open the hatch, three of the nine sloths on board were found dead. The prosecutor opened an investigation. As Rtl reports, the protagonists of the story blame each other. The airline blames the unloading service, which in turn blames the airport, which blames the unloading service.

“Veterinary services were only informed of the presence of live animals on the morning of Sunday, January 22,” said Bruno Cardinal, Walloon Animal Conservation Coordinator. “An immediate takeover was organized with the imperative to evacuate these animals and have them checked by a veterinarian. Unfortunately, three of the nine sloths present at the time of inspection had died. The other six were brought and placed in a warm room”.

Walloon Animal Welfare Minister Céline Tellier said she was considering the possibility of punishment if anything wrong was found, demonstrating her commitment to protecting animals and ensuring that they are treated with respect and dignity.

Source: Today IT