The man strangled his partner so she couldn’t breathe while she recovered from the birth. Thomas Evans grabbed a woman by the throat and strangled her after clashing with a baby monitor. He squeezed the victim’s neck for about 30 seconds, saying he was going to kill her.

Swansea Crown Court heard that, while on bail for strangulation, the defendant attacked his partner again, this time hitting and biting her on the nose as she held their child. She sent the 34-year-old man to jail, the judge told her his behavior towards the victim was that of a “brutal bully”.

Dyfed Thomas, a prosecutor, said the attack took place in the kitchen of the couple’s Llanelli home in the early hours of July 28 last year, about five weeks after the Evans couple gave birth. The prosecutor said it looked like Evans “freaked out over something to do with the baby monitor” and grabbed his partner by the neck and pulled her to the ground. The court heard that he squeezed the woman’s throat for about 30 seconds, saying things like “I’m going to kill you”. Thomas said the victim was struggling to breathe and believed he was going to die.

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The matter was reported to the police and Evans was arrested later that day. In an interview, he denied having assaulted the woman.

Thomas Evans, of Pen y Morfa, Morfa, Llanelli, pleaded guilty to intentional strangulation when he appeared in the dock for sentencing. The court heard that, while on bail for strangulation, Evans attacked the woman again in a lengthy incident in which he grabbed her jaw, punched her, ripped her nose off and punched her in the face as she held her baby. In December, he was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison for the attacks and appeared in court to serve his sentence.

Matt Murphy, speaking for Evans, said the defendant accepted that what he thought was a “loving and caring relationship” with the woman was over. He said his client revealed he has post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the attack and said Evans wants to go back to work and wants to be a good father.

Judge Paul Hobson told Evans that his victim had recently given birth and therefore was vulnerable at the time of the attack. She said the defendant held the woman’s neck for about 30 seconds, which “must have felt like forever” to her partner and was a terrifying experience. The judge described Evans’ behavior as a “brutal bully” and said the fact that he was able to treat his partner and the mother of his children the way she did was “deeply disturbing”.

The judge said the appropriate sentence under the post-trial instructions would be two years in prison, discounted for a guilty plea which was reduced by 20 months, further reduced to 15 months due to the fact that Evans had already served his sentence. , the beginning of the sentence, known as totality. The 15 months will be counted consecutively with the current decision.

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