Two missing monkeys continue mystery series at Dallas Zoo

Two missing monkeys continue mystery series at Dallas Zoo

The zoo in Dallas, USA, was fascinated by the mysterious events that took place this month. A new chapter was added yesterday when two monkeys disappeared.

Two emperor monkeys have been captured, according to Texas city police. The dwarf monkeys were not found in their enclosures during the morning hours. His house was also damaged.

Emperor tamarinds often stay close to their homes, but a search of the zoo yielded no results, according to the zoo. Police are now investigating the matter.

Other suspicious situations

The disappearance of the monkeys isn’t the first suspicious incident at the Dallas Zoo. The park abruptly closed its doors on January 13 due to a “serious situation”. One of the Smoke Jaguars had escaped. After hours of searching with drones and a special police unit, the cat was found unharmed at the zoo a day later.

Here, too, suspicious damage was detected in the accommodation and the police began investigations. A similar opening was found in the langur monkey enclosure, but none of the animals apparently managed to escape.

dead vulture

Barely rescued from the search, the staff found a dead vulture in its enclosure a week later. The zoo talks about an unnatural death. An autopsy revealed a wound. Further information could not be provided due to ongoing investigations.

The zoo has now installed additional security cameras as a precaution and there are now more night patrols. The two monkeys have not yet been found.

The Dallas Zoo also made headlines in 2004 after a 300-pound gorilla jumped over the wall and attacked the park. The animal injured three people before the police shot the gorilla.

Source: NOS