Barcone capsizes, 49 children dead: ‘Overloaded’

The number of people who lost their lives in the disaster that occurred when a boat full of students capsized on the Tanda Dam lake in the northwest of Pakistan on Sunday rose to 51. 49 children aged between seven and fourteen, all students of an imam school, who were taken to the lake for a trip, lost their lives in an accident.

“The water was freezing and this hindered rescue operations. Today divers were able to dive deep to remove the remaining bodies,” said Khateer Ahmad, a senior official in Pakistani emergency services. The bodies of a teacher and a captain were also removed from the water, bringing the death toll to 51.

Police spokesman Fazal Naeem said: the boat was overloaded”: it could accommodate twenty or twenty-five people, but the passengers on board were much more. Eventually the boat capsized and the children fell into the cold waters of the lake. An 11-year-old boy who survived the crash said he got stuck under the boat and took off his shawl and sweater because they put weight on him. “Survivor, the water was extremely cold and my body was numb. I was convinced I was going to faint, and then they came to my rescue.”

The bus tumbled into the abyss

At the same time, 41 more people lost their lives in another accident that took place in Pakistan. A coach slipped over the barrier of a bridge and fell into a ravine, presumably because the driver had fallen asleep. The events took place in the city of Bela, in the province of Balochistan. The coach was carrying about forty passengers when it crashed into a pillar before climbing the railings of the bridge on which he was traveling. “The bodies are unrecognizable,” said Hamza Anjum, an official in the Lasbela district where the tragedy occurred. Despite the very severe blow, there would be some survivors who would be hospitalized in severe conditions. According to initial findings, it’s possible that the driver fell ill or fell asleep.

Source: Today IT