Turkey blocks Sweden’s entry into NATO. What are the conditions

Turkey blocks Sweden’s entry into NATO.  What are the conditions

Sweden in NATO, the conditions of Turkey of Erdogan arrive to remove the veto to the entry of Stockholm in the Atlantic Alliance. After the Koran burning case on January 21, Turkey will still wait 6 months to allow Sweden to change anti-terrorism laws. And only after that could he remove the veto on Sweden’s entry into NATO. This was stated by spokesman and presidential adviser Ibrahim Kalin, one of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s closest associates. “We hope that these countries will no longer be a haven for PKK terrorists and coup plotters. We have always been in favor of NATO enlargement. Sweden has recently passed amendments to the constitution and has to wait until June for them to take effect. Both countries want to join NATO before the summit scheduled for July. The Swedish authorities told us that the new laws meet the commitments made. We will evaluate and decide based on that.

Turkey’s stance on NATO enlargement could also play a role in Erdogan’s re-election campaign. The situation in Finland is different. In fact, the green light for entry into the Atlantic Alliance has already come from the government of Ankara. “The situation in Finland is different,” admitted Ibrahim Kalin.

Source: IL Tempo