Motorcyclist is injured in an accident on the Circunvalar

Motorcyclist is injured in an accident on the Circunvalar

According to information circulating on social networks, a motorcyclist hit by a public bus was injured in the accident, just before the snowfall in the 7 de Abril district.

The incident, which was captured on video, shows a man lying on the ground, being helped by several people who arrived on the scene after the crash.

For its part, an accident between a motorcyclist and a bus belonging to the Trasaliaco company was reported via Wasapea EL HERALDO.

The event, which occurred around 6:10 a.m., occurred at the intersection that leads from Carrera 30 to the entrance of Ernesto Cortissoz Airport.

So far it has turned out that there is an injured person, who is apparently the driver of the motorcycle. Similarly, a video circulating on social networks notes that the man was treated by a group of paramedics from an ambulance.

Recently, on the road leading to Cartagena, near the municipality of Sabanalarga (Atlántico), a traffic accident claimed the life of a woman and injured a man after they were both run over by a van.

Source: El heraldo