Finland also recognizes the right to determine gender

Finland joins other countries in Europe recognizing the right to determine gender. The so-called ‘trans law’, which allows you to change your registered gender without the need for surgery or psychiatric evaluation, was passed by Parliament with 113 votes in favor and 69 against.

“With the adoption of this law, Finland has taken an important step towards protecting the rights of trans people and improving their lives and their right to self-determination,” said Matti Pihlajamaa, LGBT+ rights advisor at Amnesty International Finland. Under previous Finnish legislation, an individual had to provide proof of infertility for legal recognition of gender reassignment, the NGO said, in violation of the European Convention on Human Rights.

Under the new law, recognition will be granted to adults upon written request after a mandatory 30-day “calm down period”. “While this new law has had a huge and positive impact and provides an important foundation for non-discrimination, more needs to be done,” Pihlajamaa said. .

It is currently possible to change a person’s gender with a simple personal certificate in seven European countries: Spain, Denmark, Ireland, Belgium, Portugal, Norway and Switzerland. Scotland has also recently approved such a reform, but it was blocked and vetoed by the central government in London. The case of trans woman Isla Bryson, who was convicted of raping two women before her transition while still Adam Graham, also caused much controversy in the country. After the final conviction, the woman was transferred from the women’s prison where she stayed to the men’s prison, which effectively put the principle of self-determination into question.

Legal gender reassignment in Italy is still linked to a 1982 law requiring a ‘surgical correction’ of gender, but in fact, it is enough to accompany this law, thanks to a decision by the Supreme Court of Appeals and the Constitutional Court today. request for change of type according to expert opinion.

Source: Today IT