Ukraine, Glsdb Bombs Arrive: What They Are and Why They Can Change the War

Ukraine, Glsdb Bombs Arrive: What They Are and Why They Can Change the War

The acronym Glsdb stands for “Ground Launched Small Diameter Bombs”, and are bombs that can be launched as rockets from Himars and similar systems. Long-range missiles that could change the course of the war in Ukraine. The United States would be ready to send the war system to Kiev: according to some media quoting Reuters, the military aid package of more than 2 billion dollars that Washington is preparing will also include long-range rockets such as the Glsdb, as well as like other ammunition and weapons.

The announcement would be imminent and the package would also include Patriot air defense systems, remotely guided precision munitions and Javelin anti-tank weapons. Glsdb are bombs capable of reaching a radius of about 150 kilometers. The news re-released by the US media is received by Russia with the usual attitude: “They are not going to change the events” on the battlefield, said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov quoted by the RIA Novosti agency, but it will only help to accelerate the conflict escalation.

Small diameter missiles are weapons developed by Boeing and Sweden’s Saab, extremely precise and sophisticated so much so that they are capable of overcoming electronic countermeasures. They are launched from moving vehicles, making Glsdb very difficult for the enemy army to neutralize. In reality, Volodymyr Zelensky’s wish was Atacms cups capable of hitting a target at 300 kilometers. But Glsdb’s compromise could yet represent a major upgrade for Ukraine’s firepower.

Source: IL Tempo