Officers shot and killed a wheelchair-bound African American

Another African American was killed by the police in the United States. Anthony Lowe, 36, with a disability, had his legs amputated and used a wheelchair to get around. The dramatic episode took place in Huntington Park in southern California. The circumstances of his death are currently unclear. What is certain is that the story fuels the discussion of police excessive use of force. Also because the case broke out just hours before the funeral of Tire Nichols, a young African American who died on January 10 after being severely beaten by 5 police officers now charged with second-degree murder.


The circumstances that led to Anthony Lowe’s death will need to be investigated. Those moments were recorded with a mobile phone and the images quickly spread on social media. So what happened? The footage shows Lowe on the sidewalk next to his wheelchair, trying to escape. However, two agents approach him and start shooting.

According to the Huntington Park Police Department, officers rushed to the scene at around 3:40 p.m. last Thursday after reports of a stabbing incident in which Lowe himself was suspected. The situation escalated almost instantly. Lowe would disobey the orders of agents who drew their weapons in response. But why shoot a man who can’t walk? According to police, the 36-year-old would make gestures that would make police officers believe he wanted to throw a knife at her. Police also tried to use the Taser before firing. The man was hit by 10 bullets and he died instantly.

Lowe’s family demanded that the officers be fired and charged with murder. “They killed my son, he was legless and in a wheelchair. Something needs to be done,” his mother, Dorothy Lowe, said at a press conference. “My heart is broken and I am filled with anger,” Sister Tatiana Jackson said. Guardian. “I don’t understand why they would do this to a man in a wheelchair, they need to explain to me why I should use a gun to a man with no legs.”

Source: Today IT