One person was killed and another injured as a result of the ice floe that fell in Patagonia, Argentina.

The incident took place last Tuesday in the Río Azul Lago Escondido Nature Reserve in the town of El Bolsón, in the state of Río Negro. ArgentinaIt’s where civil defense and firefighters come out of the city and do rescues.

Rescue workers treated the injured man, 42, from Buenos Aires province, who had multiple injuries, first at the hospital in the city of El Bolsón.

They then re-transferred the deceased 42-year-old from the southern state of Santa Cruz.

The two tourists were traveling with their husbands, but they were not related.

According to the deceased couple’s claim, they were taking pictures when they heard a noise before the ice fell and ran away.

The two women managed to get out, but one of the men had ice on her collarbone and leg. The other man weighed less than 10,000 kilograms.

“I think it was because of the temperature, because it is over 30 degrees. A stream flows through this ice tunnel below. And the sun hits him from above. It melts and crumbles like any glacier,” the boss explained. Alejandro Namor, one of El Bolson’s firefighters.

In fact, according to sources from the Rio Negro prosecutor’s office, crime and the presence of third parties were excluded.

Source: EFE.

Source: Ultimahora

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