Emotional farewell to cop who mistreated Tire Nichols

Emotional farewell to cop who mistreated Tire Nichols

Tire said goodbye to Nichols by relatives and acquaintances at the Mississippi Avenue Christian Church in Memphis, USA. The 29-year-old black man was arrested last month for reckless driving and was subsequently severely assaulted by five black officers. He died in hospital from his injuries.

Nichols became the new face of the American movement against police brutality and racism last month. She is commemorated in the same breath as Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Eric Garner, among others who were brutally murdered years ago. His family attended Nichols’ funeral in Tennessee.

Music was played and a moment of silence was observed during the emotional ceremony. Anne RowVaughn couldn’t hold back her tears as she spoke about her son: “The only thing keeping me going is that I truly believe God sent my son here. Now his job is done. Went home.”

Memphis police released footage of the attack last week. These may come as a shock:

Renowned Pastor Al Sharpton and Vice President Kamala Harris also had speeches. They urged politicians to adopt a comprehensive package of measures to reform the police through the George Floyd Act.

Harris described Nichols’ attack as an act of violence that violated the police’s duty to ensure public safety. Sharpton believes the officers would not have hit Nichols if he had been white.

“We understand that there are public safety concerns. We understand that crime must be fought. But you can’t do that by yourself as a criminal. You cannot fight scammers on the street as a scammer yourself. You can’t defeat mobs by pulling a gun on an unarmed man in a five player game. You’re not a cop, you’re a thug.


Five black police officers blamed for Nichols’ death were dismissed. They are suspected of second-degree murder, comparable to manslaughter in the Netherlands. If found guilty, officers can be sentenced to 15 to 60 years in prison. A sixth officer was dismissed. It is unclear what he is accused of.

Three Memphis Fire Department employees were also fired. These are two paramedics and a driver who violates multiple policies and protocols.

Source: NOS