Qatargate, Tarabella gesture: Goes to courtroom and votes to have his immunity lifted

The European Parliament has decided to waive the immunity of MPs Andrea Cozzolino and Marc Tarabella, who may have played a role in the Qatargate scandal, according to the Brussels prosecutor’s office. Two MPs from the Socialists and Democrats group, from which they were recently expelled, could now be arrested, as happened to their colleague Eva Kaili. The vote was by a show of hands, and among those present was Tarabella herself, who voted in favor of annulment.

“I’m calm,” said the Italian-Belgian, one of Belgium’s most well-known politicians and a long-time member of the European Parliament. However, the Italian Cozzolino does not. The procedure for lifting the immunity, which began in January, will be completed with the official notification of the decision to the relevant MPs and the requesting authorities.

Source: Today IT