EU’s half-open door to Ukraine

European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen and the majority of EU executives arrived in Kiev to “show that the EU supports Ukraine more firmly than ever before”. Today is the largest European Union delegation to Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian occupation: a total of 16 commissioners will arrive for the EU summit, including the President and tomorrow the President of the European Council Charles Michel. and Ukraine.

Kyiv is pushing for an accelerated accession process, but Brussels has sought guarantees on reforms, particularly in the areas of justice and corruption, and does not seem willing to push the process too far. Von der Leyen, however, wanted to send a signal of openness to the country. “You were a candidate during the war and you continue to make significant progress. I am relieved to see that the anti-corruption authorities are on the alert” and there has been a “quick political response”.

“We offer Ukraine to participate in important European programs that will bring benefits close to EU membership in many areas,” Von der Leyen said at a press conference in Kiev today. said. This will therefore mean being able to benefit from substantial Community funds. He later told Volodymyr Zelensky, who was with him: “Europe has sided with Ukraine from day one. We know that the future of the continent is written here. We know that you are fighting for more than yourself. The danger is freedom: this is the struggle of democracies against authoritarian regimes”.

The president of Ukraine assured that the country is preparing for new reforms that will change the social, legal and political reality of the nation. Zelensky said, “War takes us to progress” in the reforms, “There is a change of civilization and a different attitude towards people in Ukraine.” Making a guaranteed statement, Zelenskiy said, “This year should be a year in which not a single obstacle will remain in front of the start of negotiations on Ukraine’s full membership to the EU. Ukraine will, must and will do its part.” A national plan for convergence with EU legislation will be established.

However, the discussions concerned not only the political level, but also the military level and will not. Russia “bring the war back to Europe, but Ukraine continues to respond” and to assist it in this effort, “EU military aid mission EuMam will train 15,000 more Ukrainian soldiers, increasing the total number of personnel trained by EuMam to 30,000”, EU Foreign Policy It announced its High Representative, Josep Borrell, adding that “the EU will provide 25m euros to support demining efforts in at-risk areas”. “Protecting civilians and their livelihoods is a priority,” he said.

Source: Today IT