An underpass in the Llanennech village of Llanelli has been covered in eye-catching murals, including one of the area’s favorite sons. BBC’s Hugh Edwards, village church, Llanennech FC coat of arms, River Morle, Llanennech Cricket Club coat of arms, Morle mine and colliery, Llanennech rugby team logo, steam train and the town’s great name are part of the project.

It is the work of local artist Steve ‘Jenks’ Jenkins, known for his impressive works in the area, including a tribute to Her Majesty the Queen and an incredible tribute to the history of Welsh mining in Cefneathyn. The Llanennech project had the collaboration of the artist Tew Creative.

The work lasted a year, an investigation was carried out on materials and themes to be used. This comes after Councilor Gwyneth Thomas appealed to Mr. Jenkins to help restore the local underpass, which had once been painted over by a graffiti artist with a youth club group, but now looked dilapidated after 15 years. Get stories like these straight to your inbox with our newsletters.

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Image of the Morlay Colliery and a miner

Llanennech village church
village church

The name Llanennech is displayed in the underpass
The name Llanennech is displayed in the underpass

Speaking about the project, Jenkins said: “As the last year seemed to drag on, I promised Gwyneth that we would tackle it in the new year. I ordered the paints, reviewed the drawings and got to work. Hugh Edwards hasn’t been discussed much, but after finding out he’s a local guy, he still goes back to events and meets his mother… a lot of people during the cartoon said they met him at the local store and he’s always chatting. The city seems to be very proud of him. I knew I had to get the resemblance right as many locals would complain if I screwed up.

“The locomotive was also a bit improvised, as Llanennech’s lettering had to fill in one side with all the details on the opposite wall. It didn’t work out, so the train was added at the end to fill the gap, and it ended up being one of my favorite parts of the project.

“Another item that was added was the cricket badge when rugby and football were drawn and passers-by asked, ‘What about cricket?’ It’s hard to please everyone with this kind of public project, because something is always missing. I hope I’ve covered all the bases with this one and have comments online saying it captures the essence of the village, which is brilliant and has been the goal all along.

“The miner image came about when I was investigating the Morlay mine for images and came across a photograph of a dirty miner, presumably at the end of his shift, with his eyes fixed on the daylight. I put the two photos together and hoped it looked like she was done for the day and was happy to see the light on her way home.”

Fresco from the River Morle in Llangenne
morle river

Emblem of Llanennech Cricket Club
Emblem of Llanennech Cricket Club

Crest Llanennech RFC
Crest Llanennech RFC

Jenkins added that the project has received a lot of positive feedback.

He added: “Many passers-by stopped to talk about family members who work in the mines and die young, so it will be a really moving and moving picture for some people in town. Being empowered and invited to do this kind of community service is great as the whole community benefits from seeing art, I think it can lift the darkest corner or uninviting wall and put a smile on faces.”

An image of a locomotive on a wall in Llangenn
picture of a locomotive

Source: Wales Online