Lawyer shot in Center would have spoken with partner of ‘Castor’

Lawyer shot in Center would have spoken with partner of ‘Castor’

Three hits. Face and chest, the most severe. At first it was said to be a robbery. However, it was confirmed that the cell phones would respond to a murder case.

Two nationals on a motorcycle entered that block of the Barranquilla Center to shoot attorney Orlando Torregrosa Albor on the morning of this Thursday, February 2. The motorcycle was parked all over Calle 42, facing Carrera 38, and an unknown subject – a grill man – got out.

The gray Kia Sportage truck the victim was in, license plate GZS-078, was parked in front of a hotel in Santa Monica. Witnesses assured that he had been there for some time, that he even managed to drink a red wine and then got into the vehicle. But before he left the place, the gunman attacked him.

Some workers who heard the explosions assured that the man apparently managed to get into the passenger seat. It says that after the attack a bag, the contents of which are unknown, but which probably contains money, was taken from the car.

At that point, the criminals fled the area in an unknown direction and at full speed. Torregrosa Albor, for its part, was taken to the facilities of the Clínica Centro de Barranquilla. Both at the crime scene and at the aforementioned medical establishment, the judicial police – from the Sijín and the CTI – were present to begin the investigation into what had happened.

While the truck was still driving on the driveway of the site, the experts of the prosecutor’s office began to inspect, finding, among other things, envelopes with documents, a copy of the newspaper AL DÍA and other personal items. In addition, in the trunk there were more documents, two bags, one of which was leather, clothes and a box.

It was later said that the victim’s lawyer was undergoing emergency surgery, but other details of the case were also known.

In the midst of all this information, the version also emerged that Torregrosa Albor would have met with Mayra Alejandra Vera Duarte, alias La Mona and partner of ‘Castor’, on the URI the day before, ie this Wednesday, February 1 from the prosecutor’s office after his arrest in the north of the city.

This is being investigated by officials of the investigative body, judicial sources report, citing the victim’s work as a lawyer.

At the same time, police sources indicated that Torregrosa Albor was part of the armed group in the rank of a police officer until 1998, the year he was fired while working in the Special District of the Pacific, in Buenaventura; In addition, it presents an official report for theft, illegal possession of firearms and lack of food.

At the moment, the authorities have not yet ruled on the case.

Source: El heraldo