The Pentagon has been tracking a Chinese spy bubble over the United States for days.

The Pentagon has been tracking a Chinese spy bubble over the United States for days.

The US Department of Defense has been watching for days a bubble that China will use to spy on Americans. The US military considered firing the device from the air, but decided against it for now due to ground damage from falling debris. President Biden was briefed by the Pentagon.

The balloon descended from high altitude over American soil a few days ago. It flew over the Aleutian Islands via Canada to the western US state of Montana, where the balloon was spotted on Wednesday. The Pentagon, which followed the balloon with a military plane, declined to say where the balloon is currently located last night.

“It is clear that spying will be done with this balloon,” a Defense Department spokesperson told reporters gathered. Because Washington knows exactly where the balloon is, he doesn’t think the device could collect too much sensitive information at this point. However, the balloon may then fly over some important places.


The precise purpose of the China operation in this part of the US is unclear. Malmstrom Air Base is located in Montana, where the US can launch ICBMs. There are about 150 of these missiles at its base. The Pentagon did not want to confirm whether it was known whether China would keep an eye on this base.

In recent years, spy balloons have appeared more frequently over the United States. According to the ministry, this time the balloon seems to last longer.

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The Americans approached the Chinese embassy in Washington regarding the operation, and American diplomats also objected in Beijing. “We told them how seriously we take this,” the spokesperson said. The China Mission in Washington did not comment to the media on the matter.

The issue will likely be discussed during Foreign Minister Blinken’s upcoming visit to China. Against the background of the sharp escalation of tensions between the USA and China, he will talk, among other things, about Taiwan and the corona virus. He may also be meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Source: NOS